Purple Garza Silk Knit Tie | Blick

Purple Garza Silk Knit Tie | Blick

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 Garza Silk Knit Tie

by Blick

The Knit Tie is known to be the less formal child of the tie siblings. But it is not to be underestimated. Its simplicity gives it its beauty and apart from being the elegant touch to your casual wear, the knit tie conveys a clear statement. It is different.

It has a unique texture, an almost crunchy feel, which the French call "cri de la soie", cry of the silk.

It is fabricated in Como, Italy. The production requires special yarn, a lot of patience, knowledge and ancient weaving mills. There's only two ancient weaving mills left in Como! As if that were not enough, at the end of production the edges are deconstructed and hand-rolled!

Storage: Keep it rolled up, as hanging it up will eventually stretch it out.


  • Dimensions: Decon 7.0 cm
  • 100 % Garza Silk
  • Colour: Purple